Dr. Kanayo Nwanze delivering the keynote address at the 55th Annual Congress of the Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association in Sokoto.

The Livestock Sector in the Developing World: Challenges and Opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa Kanayo F. Nwanze and Jimmy Smith

Sub-Saharan Africa is blessed with natural resources which range from the agricultural sector with vast arable

Africa Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) 2018

The African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) is a platform for global and African leaders to d

Agriculture, Nutrition and Health Academy Week

The Agriculture, Nutrition & Health (ANH) Academy is a global research network in agriculture and food systems for improved nutriti

WFO 2018 General Assembly

The General Assembly is the most significant event for the institutional life of WFO and the farming community, and this year will be f

World Food Prize

The World Food Prize is awarded for a specific, exceptionally significant, individual achievement at any point along the full range of