Strengthening Local Farmers to avert looming food crisis

Agbe roko bodun de farmer

A recent statement from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the United Nations’ special agency entrusted with the responsibility for rural and agricultural development, clearly indicates that to avert the looming food crisis that would be caused as a result of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, local food producers must be strengthened.


This statement  further validates FAYODE’s efforts in further strengthening a group of local farmers in Malete, a local community in Kwara State of Nigeria.

This group of young farmers called “Agbe roko bodun de” have benefitted from two phases of support from FAYODE, first in 2019 and the second this year which is currently on-going. The grant provided inputs and equipment to the young farmers. The support has boosted increased production and sales doubling income of the most progressive of the group.

Overall income per participating farmer increased by 31.8% for Maize (with a range of 20%-45%) and 80% for yam (with a range of 53%-100%) between 2019-2020 crop seasons.

The success of Agbe roko bodun de during the COVID-19 pandemic has inspired other youth in the community towards farming as an economic activity.


Click this link to watch testimonial from one of the local farmers