The Adeniyi Siblings and FAYODE: One year later

The Adeniyi Siblings

The Adeniyi siblings – Abisola (AbisolaStylesPerfection) and Adeola (AdeolaFamous) were both beneficiaries of support through grant-financing from FAYODE in 2021. Raised by a mother who was a professional tailor, they both took up the business after completing the mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program here in Nigeria; with Abisola specializing in female clothing and Adeola in male clothing respectively.

With the growing number of customers within and outside Nigeria, and after review and assessment by FAYODE, the Facility decided to support their business  with a small grant for the following items  to grow and expand their business:

  • Body Form: For fitting female dresses for clients far away from the business location
  • Set of presser foot: To make different sowing patterns on dresses
  • Steam Iron: To make the finishing neat and more attractive.

Little as these items are, what is their worth one year after? Not in terms of the cost of purchase, but what have these young entrepreneur siblings able to achieve within one year of FAYODE’s intervention?

The business has been able to add three (3) new machines and employed two (2) new staff to manage them!

  • A hemming machine for finishes to complement the existing straight-sowing machines
  • A button-tackling machine to complement the existing button-holes machine
  • A computerized monogramming machine for making bespoke designs on cloths

What more?! They purchased a brand new 3.2KVA generator to power all the machines at the same time!


This tremendous growth within such a short period again re-echoes FAYODE’s belief that rural people do not need millions of dollars to develop, but with little support and determination, rural young people are the backbone of development and transformation.